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Zezowate Szczescie - Bad Luck


DVD - NTSC - US System. Total Time 108:00. 4:3 aspect ratio. Polish with English subtitles. Black and White. 1960



In this pointed black comedy, Jan, a middle-aged, non-descript everyman, desparately wants to remain in prison, though the state says it is time for him to go.  The hapless hero launches into his life story of hard luck and misfortune, covering the years from 1930 to 1950, a time of great change in Poland's history.

As Jan continues his story, it is clear that he has been so busy trying to please others that he never noticed the enormous changes happening around him.  Prison, with its never-varying routine, is indeed the ideal place for Jan.  

Munk's satire about a little man failing to cope in a rapidly changing world is a Polish classic.  A young Roman Polanski appears in a bit role as a tutor.   This is an official selection of the Cannes International Film Festival.